How To Avoid Having Your House Listing Stay On The Market Too Long

Are you selling a home soon, or is it already up for sale but no one seems to have noticed it? As a home seller, you don’t want your listing to stay on the market for too long.

At Ian Nelson Realtor, we encourage you to do the following before listing your house for sale:

Be negotiable but don’t undersell.

One of the top reasons a house stays on the market for too long is that the price is too high and unnegotiable. Add to that a buyer who’s unable to negotiate, and you can expect to wait another six months before you receive another inquiry!

The key to selling your home faster is to be open to negotiating the price and conditions - but make sure you don’t undersell. To get help with this, talk to your trusted realtor.

Take care of quick repairs.

Don’t get so excited at the prospect of selling that you skip small home defects that need repair. If you do that, you’re going to make your listing stay on the market for too long. Some quick repairs you need to look at are:

  • Loose tiles

  • Paint touch-ups

  • Leaky faucets

Boost your curb appeal.

Let’s face it: we immediately judge the house by its outer appearance. One way to have your house stay on the market for too long is by not making an effort to improve your curb appeal - in pictures and in-person. Boost your curb appeal by doing the following:

  • Paint the front door

  • Take care of trees, lawn, and shrubs

  • Get rid of spiderwebs and debris

Find the right real estate agent.

The moment you decide to sell your house, it’s time for you to find the right estate agent to help you sell your home quicker. A realtor can help you with:

  • Setting the best offer price

  • Negotiation

  • Sealing the deal

Are you ready to sell your home in Chicago, IL?

We can help you sell your home faster! If you need help from a trusted realtor, don’t hesitate to reach out to Ian Nelson, Realtor. To speak with a team member, just give us a call at (773) 420-8045 or contact us online.

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