3 Reasons You Should Consider Moving to Chicago

If you’re considering moving to Chicago, you should consider learning the dynamics of the city. With its vibe ranging from jaw-dropping architecture to amazing foods and iconic neighborhoods, Chicago is a beautiful city full of life and patriotism.

That said, here are the top reasons you should consider moving to Chicago:

Affordable Housing

At an average of $301,745, homes in Chicago are still relatively affordable than homes in other big cities. Not to mention that home values are expected to continue increasing - just over the past five years, home values in Chicago increased by 34%. Moreover, investors looking to buy rental properties in Chicago can enjoy the housing affordability and a strong renter’s market which has seen a double-digit increase.

Important Note: Working with a real estate agent who understands the Chicago market is an excellent way of getting to know the neighborhoods and hidden “gems” that meet your needs and preferences.

Growing Job Market

In recent years, many corporations have moved their headquarters from the suburbs to the city. Hence, Chicago continues to have a steadily-growing job market. In fact, the unemployment rate in Chicago is as low as 5.4%, with hospitality and leisure, construction, and business sectors showing the fastest signs of growth.

Plenty of Water Activities

Chicago is located at the intersection of several great waterways like the Chicago River and Lake Michigan. These lakes offer opportunities for a lot of aquatic fun including swimming and fishing. You’ll also find large stretches of beaches with kayakers, volleyball players, and speed boats offering all sorts of fun to the residents of Chicago.

Make Your Move to Chicago Soon!

If you’re thinking of moving to Chicago, you’ll be making the right move! But you might need some guidance on where to settle based on your preferences, budget, and other needs. Get in touch with us today for more information on the reasons you should consider moving to Chicago.

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